RIVERGLEN CAMP is a great camping facility just down the 3.6km Tapu Road who are keen to get all you party people down to their place over our Summer Band Season (or anytime for that matter)!!! and trust me, it’ll be like waking up in paradise!!! Gemma from RIVERGLEN CAMP has a huge array of options and picture this…
Waking up on a HOT SUMMERS morning with the amazing Music from the night before still jamming in your head… All you want to do is use a loo (yep they have real one’s! not port-a-loos!) and freshen up by going for a scrumptious swim in their beautiful WATERHOLE!!! There’s also a bus running to and from the Tavern on Band Nights … A.W.E.S.O.M.E – So call your crew and book your spot TODAY!!!

Phone: 07 866 3130    Email:


Don’t drink and drive muppets! If you don’t have a sober driver or you can’t convince ya mum to drive out in her jimjams to get cha in the middle of the night (that goes for all 30+ peeps out there too). Then how about getting hold of these guys to get a lift.

Go Kiwi Shuttles – Whangamata – Tairua – Whiti + Beaches – will pick up from anywhere actually if there’s enough people… + all stops in between.

Phone: 0800 44 65 49   Email:   Site:















Let’s face it, Band nights at the Coroglen Tavern can be off the Richter Scale but NO ONE wants to have a stink night, so over the up and coming weeks I’ll be posting a few tips and tricks to make your night go off with a bang!…

1…. lets start with the obvious…
So please don’t be offended when you get asked for ID when buying tickets or at the door on the night. Unfortunately for all you youthful loveys who don’t have ID (and remember the only ID that is acceptable is PASSPORT – NZ DRIVERS LICENCE – HANZ 18+ CARD) we won’t be letting you in… Boo I know, but that’s the LAW.

Also  “I *Pinky Promise* I’m over 18” will also NOT get you in the door, there’s a tribe of people waiting behind you to get in, hold up the line and they’ll eat you!!


Band night tip NO. 2…
CAMP CLOSE!!! And as for travel… don’t drink and drive muppets!
No point spending the night traveling aye… So make sure you get in early BOOK ACCOMMODATION AND TRANSPORT and try and stay in the Mercury Bay Area. We have our BFF’s advertised at the top of this page but there’s plenty of other options.

The Paddock next door WILL BE OPEN! WooHoo – so drive up on the day and find a spot.

GO KIWI – pick up from everywhere and anywhere on the Coromandel Peninsula if there’s enough of you. They have an easy online booking system just follow this link

Cathedral Cove Shuttles – Ferry Landing – Cooks – Hahei – Hotty



Band night tip NO.3

There’s a huge difference in having a tipple while getting ready to party and writing yourself off before you get here! Let’s face it, You’re not going to have a night to remember, and chances are you could ruin someone else’s night! Your mates are there to watch AMAZING TALENT! not your talent of being a dooshbag! So do everyone a favour and BE COOL! We’re not party poopers… Hell we own The Coroglen Tavern for crying out loud!… but we also take our HOST RESPONSIBILITY seriously. All we want is for everyone to have a rad night and to be SAFE!


Band night tip NO.4

We’ve given our Band Bar a boost and put a couple of Eftpos machines up with the crew… ONLY IN THE TWO RIGHT WINDOWS! So look for the signs and jump in the right line!

CASH ONLY at the KITCHEN bar!!!

We will have the cash out tills running up in the bar too so if you’re hungry grab some cash out too when you get your bevvies.

So get organised… think ahead… bring cash… then boom she’s all smooth sailing from there…


Band night tip NO. 5 (actually this one’s more of a request)

please keep out of their gardens, away from their houses, and just because their gate might be open it doesn’t mean that an invitation to wander in.
Don’t hiff rubbish, be a tidy kiwi…

We like our neighbours and we surely want them to keep liking us… So be rad, don’t wander, and please please please don’t freak them out by walking around their homes!